A communications campaign to
reach the most vulnerable.
The problem
A behavioral study by the World Bank identifies five barriers:
Messages don't arrivePeople don't understand the messages and do not trust the messengers.People struggle to internalize risk.People don't have the resources to seek shelter.People are hesitant to evacuate due to bad experiences.
For this campaign we focused in the first three barriers.
The Song
and Video Clip
With popular Haitian artists Boukman
Experyans and Taffa Mi Soleil.

We sent one and a quarter million SMS preparedness messages:

'Hurricane season is here. Think with your family how you can protect your lives, your house and your animals. For more information listen to the news and stay connected.'

and 30,000 audio messages, targeting illiterate people.

Listen to audio message.

To distribute these messages, we partnered with community radio stations all over the country, focusing especially on more vulnerable and isolated areas.


We created powerful visuals to communicate the various phases of a hurricane and how to respond.

Working with local production studios, we produced three radio podcasts to help communities prepare for the hurricane season.

Both national and local media participated in the campaign and helped trigger dialogue about hurricanes.

We impacted more than one million people in each platform.

Lolo became a new trusted messenger for Direction de Protection Civile.

More than one thousand positive comments in social media.

Photo Gallery
World Bank Team

Claudia Soto (DRM Specialist)
Francesco Varotto (DRM Specialist)
Jimena Llopis (Behavioral Scientist)
Jessica Hsu (Anthropologist)
Joaquin Toro (Lead DRM Specialist)


Théodore Beaubrun (Lòlò). Lyrics. Lead Vocal and chorus. Musical Producer.
Mimerose Beaubrun (Manzè). Lyrics. Lead vocal and chorus.
Taffa Mi Soleil. Lyrics, Lead vocal and chorus.
Ted Gabriel Beaubrun. Beat maker.
Hans Dominique (Bwagri) Percussionnist (tambour +).
Natacha Carla Bianca Massillon. Chorus:
Donnier Mondésir. Chorus
Pacífico Team

Diego Voloschin (Musical production)
Alice Bauchet (French translator)
Melissa Jaar (Creole translator)
James Surges (English translator)
José Asanza (Creative Team)
Alfonso Cornejo (Creative Team)
Alejo Santos (Video editor)
Tadeo García (Online media)
Paula Rovere (Design)
Natalí Schejtman (Research)
Jorge Dr Alderete (Art Direction)
Emiliano Rodriguez Nuesch (Director).
Video Production
Vince Theo, Marco.

Radio Production
Christina Guerin de Village Santé, Pierre Delinx.

Cellphone Content Production
Viamo Regine Theodat.

Press Team
Marckens Anthony.

Recording Studio
Gregory Gogo Studio.